Informo was established by a group of experts, who have previously contributed to the local development through their work in public and private sectors, gathered to initiate an association which would actively support the local community’s development.

The ultimate goal of all Informo’s activities lies on the development of the local community and local territory, and we believe that with education and counselling that goal can be effectively achieved.

In addition, Informo’s goal is to provide professional assistance to the local governments, entrepreneurs, students and the unemployed, and present them with the opportunities to develop their potential through the European projects. 

The mission of the Association Informo includes active support of regional development through education and counselling on human resources, using the "knowhow" and the management techniques with the direct involvement in the development at the local/regional level. Informo believes in continuous research of organizational quality, and participates directly and professionally in delivering solutions and developing projects.

In 2008 Informo was selected to act as the national contact point for the European Projects Association (EPA) headquartered in Brussels (Belgium). EPA membership provides Informo with even better contacts, information and access to the network of professionals in the field of planning and development. In this way, Informo gained regional importance and recognition as a promoter of European values across whole Croatia, especially the Istrian peninsula. As the National Contact Point for the European Projects Association, Informo promotes the goals, behaviours and values that are consistent with EPA’s methodology. Furthermore, working together the dedicated staff of both the associations research solutions, create new methods for the development of local communities and territories, and the development of EU projects.

Informo also  implements European Projects Association - EPA’s professional program "Professional Improvement Program" which lasts 3 -12 months. "Professional Improvement Program" offers young people from around the world, the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the field of counselling, information sharing, preparation and implementation of EU projects. So far, 54 young people, mainly from Croatia, Italy and Mexico, participated in the above mentioned program, working on activities related to the development of EU-funded projects, raising public awareness about the possibilities of development and progress, etc. Volunteer work in informo provides a unique opportunity for the improvement of formal and informal knowledge of young people. Furthermore, through the promotion of international volunteering, Informo helps in encouraging cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness, and creating a culture of new ideas and progressive perspectives.


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