Konferencija sa: Rankom Rajovićem (NTC Novi Sad), Milanom Matijevićem (UF Zagreb), Andreom Debeljuh (UNI Pula), Mitjom Krajnčan (PF Koper), Urošem Petrović (NTC Beograd)


Ovim putem želimo Vas informirati da su zadnji dani za upis na Međunarodno stručno – znanstvenoj  konferenciji „Novi izazovi u obrazovanju“  u kojoj želimo dati mogućnost znanstvenicima i stručnjacima (odgajatelji, učitelji, ravnatelji, pedagozi, psiholozi,  sportski treneri… i svima  koji imaju inovativne ideje na području obrazovanja (formalnog, neformalnog i informalnog) da svoje iskustvo ili ideju predstave stručnjacima na području obrazovanja bivše Jugoslavije i šire.

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The European Academy for education and social research and the European Projects Association are supporting those who are willing to learn and enhance their skills providing to all the attendees.....

Successful Horizon 2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies

Advanced course for successful Horizon 2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies

16 February 2016

Write A Successful Proposal On EU Funding

Transform yourself into a great proposal writer and multiply your personal income as well as the organisations/clients you are cooperating with

17 - 18 February 2016


Upcoming training courses provided by European Academy for educational and social research:
- Erasmus+ Programme: Learn how to be successful in obtaining funds for education, training, youth, and sport - 24-25 February 2016
- The big opportunity for SMEs – SME Instrument under H2020 – 2-3-4 March 2016; 20-21-22 June 2016
- Financial Management of EU Funded Projects & External Auditing – 8-9 March 2016; 30-31 May 2016
- Write a successful proposal on EU funding - 10-11 March 2016
- Successful Horizon2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies - 01 June 2016

Each course is available for an EARLY BIRD fee until 30 days before its start. Plan your education beforehand and save greatly!


The European Academy for education and social research and the European Projects Association are supporting those who are willing to learn and enhance their skills providing to all the attendees:

    • Free yearly subscription to My Europa platform, including access to eAcademy, with hundreds of hours of training recordings and educational materials from the lectures of the European Academy for Education and Social Research;
    • The latest edition of the Practical guide on EU funding opportunities 2014-2020;
    • The European Projects English Vocabulary (European Institutions, European Funds, Project Cycle Management, European Projects English Generic Terms);
    • Tips for a Successful Proposal (How to fund your project through European programmes);
    • Project idea template (write your project idea following the template and the questions that will guide you in the writing process);
    • Free yearly European Projects Association membership, including additional extra benefits!


    Keep investing in your knowledge, experience the European Projects Accelerator learning from key experts.

For any questions, please contact us at:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: my-europa
Looking forward to seeing you in the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels.
Elena Lugato

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ProWomen: Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs


Pro Women is a transnational project that aims to give an opportunity to the unemployed women-mothers to work from home, in order to reconciliate work and family life. Our goal is to improve several skills that will enable them to start professionally with enterprises finding innovative solutions, teaching them new technologies, providing them the necessary tools, theoretical skills and practice, including those which could encourage the creation of micro- businesses. The project will be carried out in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia.

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NOVI PROJEKT - razvoj inovativnih mreža udruga radi motivacije inicijacije i suradnje

Developing Innovative Network of Associations to Motivate Initiatives and Cooperation – DINAMIC - is a project funded by the European Union program “Erasmus +” and is taking place in the multicultural city of Vodnjan (Dignano) with a population of 5,000.

DINAMIC Project has started in September 2015 and  is welcoming ten volunteers from Spain, Italy and France. Volunteers from Spain  are Sergio Bravo Bello, Ana Relinque Lopez, Mariana del Rosario Morillo Martin and María Mercedes Moriana Regalado. From Italy Elisa Morselli, Giorgia Moretta,  Marco Restifo Pecorella, Valeria Caldara, Valeria Stranges  and Giacomo Cucci.  Justine Ruiz from France volunteered for 3 months and Hélène D'Angelo from Italy 4 months.

The project is implemented by three organizations complementing each other in experience and knowledge: Association Informo is the Territorial Contact Point of European Project Association (EPA) working in the fields of European Project Management, entrepreneurship, youth mobility and employability; Pou-Upa VOdnjan-Dignano is working on the transmission of theoretical and/or practical knowledge for people of all ages and backgrounds; Association “Istrian -  Ecomuseum de Dignan”, is working on the preservation of traditional customs, arts and crafts, ecological sustainability in agriculture and ecotourism.

The ten volunteers are working in the three organizations and at the same time they participate in various activities interconnected between the organizations, in order to work on local development. Activities are well combined with the purpose of letting the volunteers participate in the city life preserving cultural heritage, involving people in life-long learning processes and working on European project development.

Volunteers will gain experience in the preparation of cultural events, exhibitions, presentations, tasting, workshops and celebrations as well as learn the basics of European project management and local development of small municipalities using European funding opportunities. They will also enhance their useful labor-market skills such as research and analysis, project writing, computer skills, communication and organization skills.

Furthermore, the volunteers will gain a valuable experience of working  as a part of an international team and  improve their language skills (English, Croatian and Italian).

The DINAMIC project has a really strong international dimension and through this, volunteers will have the opportunity to feel the life of the community and the Istrian multicultural environment and just as importantly, to enjoy the company of their young colleagues.

The desired impact of the project is that both the volunteers and organizations involved benefit of each other’s knowledge and creativity and that the community of Vodnjan-Dignano is positively influenced by these other cultures and experiences.

I am working in Informo, and until now I am really satisfied of our work here. I am learning a lot about European project management because I am working on the activities of two different projects of EPA and at the same time I am collaborating with other volunteers on the organization of several events that are taking place in the Ecomuseum.

I can feel that the citizens of Vodnjan-Dignano are getting closer to us and that they are everyday more interested in our activities. I hope that our experience will also help them to gain some valuable insight which they can use to develop their communities furthermore.

Giorgia, 27 years old, Italy

I think this volunteering experience can be a really good opportunity for our future. Mainly because nowadays the work situation in Spain (and in other EU countries) for young people is really difficult, everybody asks for experience to get a job, and young people that have just recently graduated usually can’t meet this requirement. So I think it is a way to get working experience and some professional skills, be independent and to grow as a person.

Ana, 22 years old, Spain

I am very happy to be here. I got my bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations and now I would like to learn how to plan, write, implement and manage European and local projects. In these first months I started to see how EU institutions, projects and funds work and I hope to do more practice in this area.

Marco, 28 years old, Italy

I work in the Pou-Upa, the Open University of Vodnjan-Dignano. Here we promote continuous education, culture and information accessible to all users: adults and children. The Open University's mission is to contribute to the intellectual, social and environmental development by offering high quality services in education and programs in the field of culture and entertainment. I think that, for me, it will be a great opportunity to improve and learn how to manage courses and cultural activities, and I'm glad to deal with such heterogeneous group of people which approach our classes.

Hélène, 29 years old, Italy


Supervisor: Dino Babic
P: +385 992511173
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Coordinator: Bernardina Hlevnjak Pastrovicchio
P: +385 981726465
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Info dan za mlade i poduzetnike u Vodnjanu-Dignano 30. siječnja

U petak, 30. siječnja održat će se u gradu Vodnjanu-Dignano u prostorijama Zajednice talijana Vodnjana-Dignano info dan za mlade i poduzetnike s početkom u 14h.

Organizator događaja je Udruga Informo, posrednička organizacija za Europski program Erasmus za mlade poduztnike. Udruga Informo će predstaviti i prvi hrvatski kratki film, primjer dobre prakse suradnje između hrvatskog poduzetnika domaćina i nove poduzetnice iz Italije.

Cilj info dana je predstaviti rezultate programa Erasmus za mlade poduzetnike, promovirati poduzetništvo i međunarodno umrežavanje. Poticanje poduzetništva i suradnje između europskih država od primarne je važnosti za razvoj gospodarstva. Aktivni sudionici događaja bit će partneri iz Italije, Slovenije i Hrvatske te načelnik odjela za poduzetništvo glavne uprave Europske komisije za poduzetništvo i industriju iz Bruxellesa.

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