The European Academy for education and social research and the European Projects Association are supporting those who are willing to learn and enhance their skills providing to all the attendees.....

Successful Horizon 2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies

Advanced course for successful Horizon 2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies

16 February 2016

Write A Successful Proposal On EU Funding

Transform yourself into a great proposal writer and multiply your personal income as well as the organisations/clients you are cooperating with

17 - 18 February 2016


Upcoming training courses provided by European Academy for educational and social research:
- Erasmus+ Programme: Learn how to be successful in obtaining funds for education, training, youth, and sport - 24-25 February 2016
- The big opportunity for SMEs – SME Instrument under H2020 – 2-3-4 March 2016; 20-21-22 June 2016
- Financial Management of EU Funded Projects & External Auditing – 8-9 March 2016; 30-31 May 2016
- Write a successful proposal on EU funding - 10-11 March 2016
- Successful Horizon2020 Dissemination/Exploitation and Communication strategies - 01 June 2016

Each course is available for an EARLY BIRD fee until 30 days before its start. Plan your education beforehand and save greatly!


The European Academy for education and social research and the European Projects Association are supporting those who are willing to learn and enhance their skills providing to all the attendees:

    • Free yearly subscription to My Europa platform, including access to eAcademy, with hundreds of hours of training recordings and educational materials from the lectures of the European Academy for Education and Social Research;
    • The latest edition of the Practical guide on EU funding opportunities 2014-2020;
    • The European Projects English Vocabulary (European Institutions, European Funds, Project Cycle Management, European Projects English Generic Terms);
    • Tips for a Successful Proposal (How to fund your project through European programmes);
    • Project idea template (write your project idea following the template and the questions that will guide you in the writing process);
    • Free yearly European Projects Association membership, including additional extra benefits!


    Keep investing in your knowledge, experience the European Projects Accelerator learning from key experts.

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U Medijima

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Glas Istre, 23.11.2015.

Mladi europski stručnjaci uče o istarskoj kulturi
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Finalna konferencija projekta IKEY
Barkun, 24.04.2012.

U Istarskoj županiji predstavljen projekt I-KEY
Regional Express, 02.06.2011.
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Buje: Sporazum gradonačelnika o obnovljivim izvorima energije
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Seminar “Prezentacijske vještine”
Barkun, 01.03.2011.
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"Eko osviješteni" istarski gradovi
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U Vodnjanu centar izvrsnosti za Europske projekte
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Radionica udruge Informo "Svi za Europu, Europa za sve"
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Udruga Informo u projektu Posao za mlade
Barkun, 06.12.2010., 06.12.2010.

Pulski gimnazialci u istarskom predstavništvu
Istarska županija, 04.12.2010.

Udruzi Informo dodijeljena sredstva za projekt "Svi za Europu, Europa za sve
Regional Express, 21.05.2010., 21.05.2010.

Vodnjan zakoračio u Europu
Glas Istre, 16.05.2010.

Vodnjan i Buje u euro-projektu
Glas Istre, 15.05.2010.

Istra u projektu EU vrijednom 1 800 000 eura
Barkun, 14.05.2010.
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Lakše do posla u Hrvatskoj i Europi
Glas Istre, 22.01.2010.

Radionica "Posao za mlade - mladi za Posao"
Radio Giardini, 22.01.2010., 20.01.2010.