As an associations that is engaged in education, we are extremely concerned with the personal development of the citizens, and our aim is to enable individuals and organizations to become more competitive in the business world. To achieve this it is essential to understand the necessity of a continuous education and training. Therefore, we have developed a network of experts who, along with our help, develop and implement programs fully customized to your needs.

Besides offering already prepared programs, we also provide the ability to create tailored made trainings according to your wishes and needs.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, representatives of public institutions, associations, schools, units of local / regional governments, and all who intend to invest in their personal development.

Our training offer (either in our own organization or on client's request) covers primarily issues of personal and business development.

In the left column you can find a list of seminars organized under the sponsorship of the European Projects Association, the European Academy and in cooperation with the Business Academy Rijeka, and more information about the education that we have organized in the last years.


The European Academy for Education and Social Research plays an important role in providing training and individual consultations in the field of European Projects. Also, the Academy proides the ultimate methodology for the development of European projects, thanks to the establishment of global collaborative networks of individuals and organizations. At the European Academy for Education and Social Research we offer:

Lifelong learning in order to improve knowledge about funding opportunities and developing skills for writing projects, through various training and specialized master's degree technology for the development of European projects. All training activites occur in cooperation with European higher education institutions, certified experts, associations and consulting firms.

Master's degree technology for the development of European projects ( The Master in Technologies for the Development of European Projects) provides the knowledge you need to become a professional European project manager. Detailed insight into practical approaches will inform you about the funding opportunities provided by the European Commission in the budgetary period from 2007-2013. Admission for the master's degree, in addition to the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to program and implent projects, gives you access to a community of all relevant actors in the field of development and the implementation of European projects that will serve you throughout your whole professional career.

Your benefits

  • You will gain knowledge of how the European Union operates.
  • You will find a variety of financing options appropriate for your project ideas.
  • You will gain knowledge of business English which is required for European project management.
  • You will receive technical and methodological tools that will complement the skills of writing and management of European projects.
  • You will be able to make requests for tenders published by the EU funds.
  • You will get access to the Project Factory, a joint online tool for managing European projects.

Admission requirements

  • Motivation
  • Associate Degree, preferred high academic achievements
  • Knowledge of English ( speaking and writing )
  • Work experience, basic knowledge of the EU and EU projects desirable but not mandatory.

The program offers two scolarships for registered candidates.

Terms of scolarships:

  • Academic excellence
  • Motivational letter
  • Previous experience in the field of EU projects

Aplications to the Master's degree and education until 25.09.2011.

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