How to obtain the european funds?

Do you have a project idea that you believe could be financed through funds and programs of the European Union?

Make it a reality in just few easy steps.


STEP 1: Things you need to know about the EU projects and programs

Project draft is the first step in the process of obtaining funds. To bring you closer to the priorities and objectives of the European Union, and suggests the correct approach when writing project proposals, we have prepared the following manual for applicants.

pdf-red Manual for applicants



STEP 2: EU programs available for Croatia




STEP 3: If you wish to verify whether your project idea could be financed through the European programs available for public and private organizations and NGOs, download the form bellow and send it completed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

doc-blueProject Idea


As soon as possible, we will check if your idea is in accordance with a specific EU program, and seek further confirmation from the National Contact Point responsible for that certain program in Croatia.

If your idea can be financed through a particular EU program, we will help you further elaborate on it, and advise you on the most suitable call for proposal for your specific idea.

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